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Support the need of our Very Important Families

“Together, WE are fighting against childhood cancer.”

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“Together, WE are fighting against childhood cancer.”

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Hailey Bankhead Foundation INC is to serve, support, and encourage a unique portion of the community, which are those who are affected by childhood cancer. The Hailey Bankhead Foundation will be with each family as they navigate through their own different journey. We are committed to be the support system that accommodates both the child and family.

Vision Statement:

The Hailey Bankhead Foundation, Inc. staff and volunteers recognize the special needs and attention required for our Very Important Families. It is our goal to ensure that each child and family recognizes that they are not in this fight alone. We strive to make treatment days special. Together we will fight, one day at a time. We have stood in their shoes, so we can provide the extra love and support that other’s may not be able to.

Impact Stats:

In 2022 over 3,096 families have been provided various resources such as Hailey Hope Bags, Arts & Crafts, Monetary donations, Utility assistance, Christmas toys for all immediate family members, along with sponsored VIP seating at our Annual Night Under the Stars Gala.


~Thank you for everything you are doing for the kids and families. I am forever grateful. I seen your posts, and wish I would have actually known before now that you may be able to help my kiddos with gifts. I am honestly just blessed we have each other, and our daughter home again from the hospital for the holidays!~ Casey E.

~I had the pleasure to attend HAILEY BANKHEAD FOUNDATION "UNDER THE STARS" event, when I tell you this here is a moment I'll never forget thanks for thinking of US.~ Shavonda W.

~My WCW's Your dedication, commitment and love that you put into HBF amazes me. Sending love and light for even more to come for you and the Babies and Families you serve and hold so dear! Love u 4ever! Hailey Bankhead Foundation, INC. ~ Kerri P.

~Thank ya'll so much for everything!! I'm sad Levi was under the weather and missed a fun Christmas party with ya'll but thank ya'll for the goodie bag & toys! Much love ~ Karli K.

~I love what you're doing! Thank you for allowing us to be a part.~ Andreya D.

~Thank you so much from the bottom our hearts from my family to yours. This is very difficult, scary, new journey my family is going through & its awesome knowing someone truly cares, especially someone who understands exactly what you're going through. Merry Christmas to you and yours!!~ Casey E.

~Heather Bankhead-You are the bomb! So many lives are enhanced and enriched through you and your legacy (children). Keep shining! Kudos to your team too! ~ Jessica W.